Friday, 16 September 2016

Mt Spa Crosscountry

Image result for cross countryOn the 16th of September the Mania golf course held the annul cross-country competition where all the schools from around the area come and compete including- Opunaki, Mania, Rahutu, Matapu, Kaponga, St Josephs Kaponga, and our school( Auroa Primary School. We left school in the morning at 10:30 am and arrived at the Mania Golf Course where the event was being held at 10:50am. The races started at 11:15am with the first race starting from the younger kids Ages nine and under up-to ages twelve and thirteen!

My race was the 5th race so I had plenty of time to warm up! Eeeeh!! The siren sounded it was time for my race 11 year old girls, I reckon there was over 20 people competing in my race, so that's when nerves began to get the me!! The horn blew and we were off the first lap down of our 3-kilometer race, In 10th place so far so good, my heart racing, the slightest thought popped up into my that I might be lucky enough to go to the Taranaki cross-country. 1-lap to go, I picked up my pace passing three people it was now down to the final sprint myself(Jorja) against Charlotte another friend of mine from school, unfortunately she got away from me at the end. The final score Lexi-5th from Auroa, Charlotte-6th from Auroa, and myself (Jorja) from Auroa.

The was a great turnout and the races were very difficult, fun and enjoyable!! My little thought that I may make it into Taranaki came true, YAY, also the top-ten from all the races also go, I cant wait till next Wednesday for the Taranaki cross-country! Do you compete in cross-county? Have you ever made it to Taranaki cross-county? Let me know in the comments below.

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